Sea Green Bed Sheets Magical Linea

Energize and refresh your home with blobs of color you would not have dared to till sometime ago. Give yourself a delightful treat that will create a delectable aroma for your senses to feast upon. Transform your boudoir into an oasis of luxury that will emancipate oodles of calmness to soothe your nerves.


Bring home the concept exhibiting the excellence of modish style that will upgrade the appearance of your room instantly.
Drench your interiors with the latest stylish colorful stripes bed sheet that will make your desires of a wonderful living style true. The crispness of the sea green shade and symmetric nature of the wide stripes is a perfect instance of acumen. The striking combination of royal blue and the infusion of old and new design will bring distinct individuality to your personal space. These pure cotton bed sheets will create a space for harmonic interaction which will bring closure and strengthen your family bonds. The vertical design in a perfect alignment will create an illusion of height and will make your room appear more spacious.

This colorful stripes bed sheet is everything that you need to accentuate your room decor. Made to grab the attention of every onlooker, they are manufactured with premium pure cotton. Highly durable and sustainable, they are infused with advanced twill weave that gives them a smooth finish and polished look. The fabric is allergen free and made to give your skin a supple effect when it comes in contact with these spreads. Easy to maintain, you can give them machine wash as the fabric is 100% colorfast. They do not require to be soaked prior washing. Hang it in shade and the fabric will never lose it sheen and luster for many years to come.


Indulge in fasinating colours of Checks and stripes

 Premium Pure Cotton  Yarn Dyed / Twill weave  100% Colour Fast
Machine wash, Don’t Soak, Cold Wash, Dry in Shade



Cushion Cover Small 12″x12″ (30cm x30cm)
Cushion Cover Standard 16″x16″ (40cm x40cm)
Pillow Cover 18″x28″ (45cm x70cm)
Cushion Cover Large 24″x24″ (60cm x60cm)
Single Bedsheet 1 Pillow Cover 60″x90″ (150cm x225cm)
Double Bedsheet 2 Pillow Cover 90″x108″ (270cm x270cm)
Single size Duvet Cover 60″x90″ (150cm x225cm)
Fitted / Elasticated Bedset  72″x75″x10″ (180cm x188cmx25cm)
Large Bedsheet 2 Pillow Cover 108″x108″ (270cmx270cm)
Single size Comforter 60″x90″ (150cm x225cm)
Double size Duvet Cover 90″x100″ (225cm x250cm)
Double size Comforter 90″x100″ (225cm x250cm)