Open-end Yarn


Fazal Exports is the leading yarn manufacturer of high quality open end yarn.  We produce 100% high quality yarn and provide you at the best competitive price. We are recognized as one of the most reliable yarn manufacturers and exporters based in Pakistan. Open end yarn is widely used to manufacture medical and industrial fabrics. We provide at most care while production by avoiding the risky chemicals which causes allergy to skin.  Open end yarn takes dye rapidly and the rate of dye exhaustion is faster for open- end yarns. Our open end yarn comes in a variety of colors.

We assure you that our superior quality yarn helps you to make highly durable fabrics. The fabrics made from open end yarn are absorbent and provides long life. We provide best quality open end yarns at the best competitive price criteria. You can produce highly hygienic and qualified medical fabrics by using our open end yarn.

Presently we can provide yarns with the below counts:Ne 6 to Ne 20 in singles and ply

100% cotton open End Yarn
Ne 28 or Ne 30                                            100% viscose open end yarn
Ne 16 and Ne 20                                         100% cotton OE Regenerated Yarn
Ne 6 to Ne 20’s                                            100% polyester yarn
Ne 5 to Ne 20’s                                            100% Cotton

We can also produce yarns in various counts and specifications by keeping your requirement in mind.